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(Note: the following information is subject to nearly constant revision. If you do not see a service listed that you need please inquire at the e-mail address below)
Services may be performed on-site or through telecommuting.

Micro Computer (eg. personal computers):
  • Design and Development of Internet Web Sites. Samples may be found at www.holdenantiques.com and www.KenyonMN.com.
  • Conversion and Transfer of analog audio and video media (records, cassettes, 8-mm or VHS tapes) to digital media (CD or DVD).
  • Computer needs determination, Request for Bid / Request for Proposal preparation and issuance, response evaluation and bid award.
  • Aquisition, installation, and customization of new vendor hardware and software.
  • Installation and customization of hardware and software upgrades.
  • Custom design, programming, and documentation in 'C', Basic (inc. Visual Basic), or another language for DOS or Windows.
  • Custom design, programming, and documentation using a fourth generation language such as Paradox, FoxPro, or dBase for DOS or Windows.
  • Computer LAN/WAN networking needs evaluation, design, installation, and customization.
  • Back-up needs evaluation, scheduling, and processing.
  • Document scanning, OCR, and clean-up for creation of graphic and text files of various formats.  
Mini Computer:
  • Custom design, programming, and documentation in 'C' for Unix.
  • Script preparation for Unix.
  • Custom design and creation of Web pages for the Internet.
  • Maintenance of Internet web servers.
Mainframe Computer:
  • IBM mainframe application design, programming, and documentation in BAL (Basic Assembly Language) and COBOL.
  • Creation, maintenance, and submission of IBM JCL job streams.
  • Maintenance of existing programs in a variety of languages.
  • Command Level Coding programming for IBM's CICS in BAL or COBOL.
  • System programming tasks including, but not limited to installation and customization of vendor software packages.

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