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William Hatfield [D1175] b.1825 ca - d.1843 12 Sep - Gardiner's Bay, Sag Harbor, Suffolk Co., NY ----- Parents ----- Smith Hatfield [D1173] Catherine Ann ? [D1174] ----- Siblings ----- William Hatfield [D1175] John Hatfield [D1176] Margaret Ann Hatfield [D1177] George W Hatfield [D1178] Catherine L Hatfield [D1181] Edmond S Hatfield [D1182]
Hatfield, William ae 18 yrs. 7 mos.; John ae 16 yrs. 5 mos. Sons of Smith and Catherine Hatfield, who were drowned in Gardiner's Bay, off the Fire Place Point by the swamping of a sailboat, Sept 12, 1843. Ten days afterwards their bodies were found and brought to Sag Harbor for burial. An inscription on the tombstone reads: "Put thy trust in no man in the hour of danger, for when these boys drowned man fled from the rescue." At the same time Theodore Bertrand Fordham, a son of George G. and Francis A. Fordham, was drowned. All three are interred in OBG. - Ed  

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