John Stephenson [13517] Details

John Stephenson [D760] b.1776 ca - KY/PA d. - ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1810 ca - Champaign Co., OH + Jane Hatfield (9 Children) ----- Children ----- William Stephenson [D761] Rebecca Stephenson [D762] Isaac Z Stephenson [D764] Celia Stephenson [D765] Samuel Stephenson [D766] John Stephenson [D767] Harvey/Henry Stephenson [D768] Ira Stephenson [D769] Eri Stephenson [D770]
CENSUS: 1850; Jefferson Twp., Cass Co., MI; John Stevenson 74 Pennsylvania Jane Stevenson 62 Virginia Samuel Stevenson 31 Ohio Ira Stevenson 23 Ohio Eli Stevenson 18 Ohio Clia Williams 33 Ohio Samuel Williams 10 Michigan Elizabeth Williams 7 Michigan Rachel P. Williams 4 Michigan

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