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Mary Thompson [D12] b.1829 19 Aug - MD d.1867 05 Jun - Schuyler County, IL ----- Parents ----- Samuel Thompson Evallina Brown ----- Siblings ----- Mary Thompson [D12] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1849 01 Feb - Schuyler Co., IL + Abraham Hatfield (6 Children) ----- Children ----- Henry Hatfield [D13] Virginia Hatfield [D42] Joanne Hatfield [D44] Mary Catherine Hatfield [D46] Adaline Hatfield [D48] Elizabeth Hatfield [D49]
Mary died in childbirth at age 37yrs. 9mo. 16ds. , on the birthdate of her daughter Elizabeth Mary Thompson married Abe Hatfield in about 1849. Abe, George Hymer, Thomas Lawler, and James Thompson (Mary's brother) had all enlisted in the Army in 1846 to serve in the Mexican war, after which, they returned to Schuyler Co. After Abe and Mary were married, they joined a wagon train heading for California and the Gold Rush. They were quite succcessful in California and became modestly wealthy. They returned to Illinois and invested their money in Illinois River Bottom Land and cattle. (from the history of Schuyler County)

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