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Henry Hatfield [D13] b.1850 13 Jul - Rushville, IL d.1937 30 Jan - Buhl, ID ----- Parents ----- Abraham Hatfield [D11] Mary Thompson [D12] ----- Siblings ----- Henry Hatfield [D13] Virginia Hatfield [D42] Joanne Hatfield [D44] Mary Catherine Hatfield [D46] Adaline Hatfield [D48] Elizabeth Hatfield [D49] ----- Marriages ----- m01. 1872 04 Mar - Rushville, Schuyler Co., IL + Mary Rittenhouse (10 Children) ----- Children ----- William Rittenhouse Hatfield [D15] Hiram Abram Hatfield [D25] Evangeline Hatfield [D27] James Montague Hatfield [D29] Charles Alfred Hatfield [D31] Adaline Hatfield [D33] Rosamond Hatfield [D35] Sara Alice Hatfield [D37] Nancy Hatfield [D39] Lois Hatfield [D40]
March 28 1879 Schuylerite Mr. Henry Hatfield of Bainbridge township leaves, with his family, to take up residence in Furnace County, Nebraska. By the 1880 census, Henry and Mary were living in Riley County Kansas, farming. The Kansas 1885 Census, in Aldine, Norton Kansas Evangeline was born in Sept of 1878 in Rushville. So they must have relocated to Kansas sometime after her birth but before June of 1880 when the census was taken. In 1900, in Harrison, Norton County Kansas, with everyone except Hiram and Eva. Will was already married to Blanche. 1905 Census, with Charles, Adda, Rosa, Sarah, Lois and 4 year old Harold, spelled "HERALD" In 1910, still Harrison Township, but only with Sarah and Lois. 1920 , Buhl, Idaho with Henry, Mary and Lois 24.

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