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12/18/2010 - Change email address for Joseph Crone.
11/18/2010 - Add photo to Calvary [08811] and Sarah Pyle [13885] Hatfield from David Hatfield.
10/29/2010 - Add Wilma Mae Hatfield [13182] obit and information. Per Jordan Patrick.
09/22/2010 - Update Benjamin E Hatfield, Rev [12178] and Martha Everett [12179] Per information from Virginia Moore. Update Maria J Adams [12180] footnotes Per information from Virginia Moore.
09/19/2010 - Links between people and transcripts.
09/15/2010 - Betty Jean Hatfield [13913] footnote. Raymond W Hatfield [13911] footnote.
08/30/2010 - Update links between people and transcripts.
08/26/2010 - Link names to OH transcripts.
08/23/2010 - Link people to KY transcripts.
08/15/2010 - Add links from trees to transcripts.
08/10/2010 - Additions and updates to the Elliott Lynn Hatfield [13186] line from Lyle Hatfield.
07/06/2010 - Add background information to Joseph Hatfield [09234].
06/03/2010 - Add Elaine Powell's Heritage page to Jacob Hatfield of ca 1805 VA.
03/26/2010 - Update Jonathon and Nancy Dyer Hatfield family - Per information from Joe Crone.
03/23/2010 - Add John and Mary Lamb Hatfield line - Per information from Shelly.
03/22/2010 - Updates to Ben E Hatfield decendants - Per Virginia Moore.
01/19/2010 - Update Benjamin Hatfield and Florence Remy line.
01/17/2010 - Add Benjamin Hatfield and Florence Remy line. Update William Perrine and Anne Hatfield line - Per information from Kim Herrera. Add Rachel Hatfield and Levi B Tucker line.
01/03/2010 - Update Calvary M and Nancy Mossbarger Hatfield. Update Calvary and Sarah Pyne Hatfield line.
12/31/2009 - Add John and Elizabeth Hatfield Noe marriage.
11/03/2009 - Update William and Mary White Hatfield from Lyle.
09/11/2008 - Make updates to the William and Mary White Hatfield line.
09/09/2008 - Merge the Andrew and Sarah Margaret Chapman Hatfields of Julie Tucker from the More Misc. list with the Charles and Mary LeMaster Hatfield line of Cindy Dietz, Cathy Hatfield, and Marjorie Downs Byers under the Miscellaneous Hatfields.
02/23/2007 - Move the Joseph William and Emily Ellen Pike Hatfields of Geraldine Rasmussen to the Matthias Hatfield line based on DNA evidence.
02/22/2007 - Move the lines of Calvin and Judy Ingram and Tena A Burns to the Daniel H. and Margaret York Hatfield line of Stacy Nash, Dan Hatfield and Tim L Hatfield under the Miscellaneous Hatfields.
01/21/2007 - Add the Lute and Alma Shore Hatfield family from Jane Martin.
01/18/2007 - Add information on John Kelly and Ada Hatfield Bennett family from V.J. Remelius. Add information on Samuel and Sally Hatfield Burkett from Christina Orris. Add information on Charles Albert and Imo Elsina Paulson Hatfield from Janie Smith. Add information on William Robert and Minnie Lee Stewart Hatfield family from Teresa Stewart Sitz.
01/16/2007 - Add information on the William Sherman and Zelda Mae Wells Hatfield family from Myola Hatfield.
01/15/2007 - Add a short line with John C and Milly Hatfield from LaGrande Hatfield.
01/14/2007 - Add information on Alvis and Sarah Peck Hatfield and Will and Mary Hatfield Ayers from Wayne Hatfield. Add information on John M. and Ocie Hatfield family from Sheila Kell.
01/13/2007 - Add information on Franklin and D(ee?) Haley Hatfield line from Charles Haley. Add George and Margaret Hatfield Nelson line from Cindy Widner.
01/12/2007 - Add Henry and Nancy V Stallions Hatfield family from James Brewer.
01/11/2007 - Add information on C.L. and Elizabeth Hatfield from Diana Good. Add information on Jesse David and Belle Meek Hatfield from Chuck Hatfield. Add information on Achilles and Christina Sands Hatfield from Angela LaManna. Add information on the James and Josephine Hatfield Adams family from Rose Adams. Add information on the Mark A. and Altie Johnson Hatfield family from Patricia Jan Griffin. Add information on Adophus and Eliza Hatfield Dugger from Tammy.
11/25/2006 - Add the family of Taylor and Nancy Hatfield of 1880 Bledsoe, TN.
11/24/2006 - Add a short line with George Hatfield to Benjamin E Hatfield, Rev of Haywood Co., NC and into Georgia.
11/23/2006 - Add some information on descendants of George and Nancy Jane Asher Hatfield for Rebecca and Mark Ervi.
11/13/2006 - Add a line starting with Johnnie and Mahala Hatfield Pierson for Tena A. Burns and added information to the Abraham and Sarah Lawrence Hatfield line of Calvin and Judy Ingram. Tena's Mahala MAY be the same as the one under the Abraham and Sarah Lawrence Hatfield line of Calvin and Judy Ingram.
11/11/2006 - Add George and Nancy Jane Asher Hatfield for Rebecca and Mark Ervi.
11/10/2006 - Add a short line starting with William J. Hatfield b. ca 1822 in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania for Steve Schlager. These Hatfields will probably fit in with the PA hatfields - I just don't know how just yet.
10/22/2006 - Add a segment from Anthony Smith Hatfield on down for Michelle Johnson Armstrong.
04/13/2002 - Add information on the Michael Acile and Permelia Frazier Anderson Hatfield family from the obituary of Parmelia Hatfield courtesy of Lisa Rieger.
03/10/2002 - Add Joseph and Anna Rannels Hatfields of Essex Co., NJ and Warren Co., Ohio.
02/22/2002 - Correct the e-mail address of Jeanette Hillend.
08/23/2001 - Add Beverly Hatfield's e-mail address to Benjamin Thornberry Hatfield.
02/25/2001 - Adding information from Joni Pontius to the Benjamin Thornberry Hatfield line.
09/27/2000 - Combine the Benjamin Hatfield line of Jean Hatfield with the line of Marvin Hatfield under the Misc. Hatfields. Change the e-mail address for Julie Tucker.
06/25/2000 - Begin adding information from Kellena Joan Crippen and Ruth Eubanks to the Benjamin Thornberry Hatfield line.
05/05/2000 - Add some information from William Powell to the William and Polly Wetmore Hatfields.
03/23/2000 - Correct the birth date for Burl Bennet Hatfield for Martha M. Dobson. Add a short line with Elbert Carter Hatfield for Chet Hatfield. Add a short line with Mary Ann (or Anna Mary) Hatfield for Marty Claar.
02/06/2000 - Add the e-mail address for Geraldine Rasmussen.
01/17/2000 - Add additional information links to Adam Hatfield, Christopher Price, John Hatfield, Mary Hatfield, Nancy Hatfield, Thomas Hatfield.
01/16/2000 - Made some adjustments to the Hatfield and Price line of Carey Allen Wall.
01/10/2000 - Add a line starting with Joseph Hatfield and Margaret Crawford for Rex P. Hatfield and move the William Hatfield lines of Gene Hatfield and Roy Hatfield of the More Misc list to connect with it. Add a line starting with James William Hatfield and Mary E. Self for Myra ?.
10/16/1999 - Move the line of Pie Hatfield to the George Hatfield line.
09/04/1999 - Repairing missing e-mail links.
07/12/1999 - Add information on James Maddison Hatfield and Mary Ellen Burns for Sandra Knopf.
06/15/1999 - Consolidate the old and new information from Jean Hatfield.
06/14/1999 - Add a short line from Benjamin and Delina Parker Hatfield for Jean Hatfield. Add Nancy Schott and Mary Koch as sources to the Hatfield line of Roy Hatfield.
06/12/1999 - Finish adding people and information to the Benjamin Thornberry Hatfield line for Bryn Asbury.
06/11/1999 - Begin adding people and information to the Benjamin Thornberry Hatfield line for Bryn Asbury.
04/09/1999 - Add information on Samuel W. Hatfield and Lucy Johnson and daughter from Paulette Smith.
02/20/1999 - Add some miscellaneous Hatfield lines for David M Hatfield, Jean Hatfield, Mike and Sue Glendening, Ed Harrison, Sharon Vanden Bossche, Mary Elizabeth Julien Beu, Patricia Flatt Rogers, Jim Granger, and Lance L. Hatfield.
02/10/1999 - Activate the e-mail link for Jeanette Hillend.
02/06/1999 - Add information from Jeanette Hillend.
02/03/1999 - Add a couple of more names for Mary E Beu and change her src name.
01/21/1999 - Add the line of Frank and Sally Hatfield Nunley for Kathryn Casey.
01/14/1999 - Add about 60 names for Roy Hatfield.
01/08/1999 - Add some Hatfields for Phyllis Gillaspie.
01/07/1999 - Benjamin Thornberry and Mary Rawlings Hatfield and descendants from Helen Markano.
10/02/1998 - Add some information for Brenda Brock and Maureen Higgins Hatfield.
09/26/1998 - Add some information for Linda Suarez, Kim Hillman, and Carol Couch.
09/25/1998 - Add some rather sketchy information on a Helen Hatfield who married a William Pointer and her sister S. B. Hatfield who also married a Pointer for Kari Pitts.
09/20/1998 - Add information on Burl/Burrell Bennet and Martha Leona Copeland Hatfield descendants for Don Ghere.
09/18/1998 - Add Burl/Burrell Bennet and Martha Leona Copeland Hatfield for Martha M. Dobson.
09/12/1998 - Add a thread starting with Isaac Hatfield for Mary Anne Fontaine.
09/06/1998 - Add Newton and Vernon King Hatfield line for StNeel.
09/05/1998 - Add Hatfields for Geraldine Rasmussen, Deborah Richardson, D. Williams, Rosemary Stein, Tom & Diana Mock, and a few others.
08/10/1998 - Add an extensive line of Hatfields for Carey Alan Wall.
08/09/1998 - Add information on Hatfields for Robert Hatfield, Ilean Danby, and Wanda Wright. Move the Hatfields of Wanda Wright to the Pennsylvania line.
07/08/1998 - Add the Andrew and Sarah Margaret Chapman Hatfields for Julie Tucker.
06/25/1998 - Add the James Hatfield of Texas line for Dak Hatfield.
05/20/1998 - A few more items added for Lisa Lindow.
05/19/1998 - Made some corrections to the Thomas Hatfield line of Theresa Coleman and Lisa Lindow for Lisa Lindow.
05/16/1998 - Add information to the Thomas Hatfield line of Theresa Coleman and Lisa Lindow for Lisa Lindow.
05/13/1998 - Activate the e-mail links for Victor L. Bell.
05/12/1998 - Add the John W. Hatfields for Evelyn S. Williams and the William Henry Hatfield line for Tonya Hatfield Cross. Add the John D. Hatfield line for Victor L. Bell.
05/03/1998 - Activate the e-mail address for Theresa Coleman.
05/01/1998 - Added the Abraham and Sarah Lawrence Hatfield line for Calvin and Judy Ingram.
02/10/1998 - Added the Elihu and Jenett ? Hatfield family for Ginny Core.
02/03/1998 - Added the Thomas Hatfield line of Theresa Coleman.
10/30/1997 - Moved the Jacob Hatfield line of Jeff Hatfield to the Mathias line from the More Miscellaneous Hatfields.
07/25/1997 - Added Peter Hatfield (b. 1793) of Broome Co., NY and descendants for Ed Harrison. These people probably belong with Matthias Hatfield or the PA Hatfields when we can connect them.
07/02/1997 - Added the Hatfields of Mike Crawford from Stephen and Elizabeth Freeborn Hatfield on down to this list. This line starts out in NJ and PA and probably belongs with the Matthias or Pennsylvania line when we get enough information to connect them.
06/07/1997 - Moved the Hatfields of Steven Hoffman to the George Goff line.
06/03/1997 - Added Maude/Midge Hatfield and Elias Stepp information to the bottom of this list for Steven Hoffman.
05/23/1997 - Added the request of June Barry. Note: this listing is a little unusual in that June is looking for her half-sister who's family is described in linked Hatfield list. Please e-mail June Barry at the indicated e-mail address if you know anything of this family. Thank you - Jerry .
05/22/1997 - Added the William and Matilda Bose Hatfield line for Paul and Mary Jane Petersen.
05/13/1997 - Added Elaine Powell's Hatfields of IN, IL, and MO.
05/02/1997 - Added various marriage dates and locations.
04/17/1997 - Jeff Hatfield's Hatfields of central WV were added to this list pending a better location.

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