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07/19/2011 - Add photo for Francis M Hatfield [00381].
05/08/2011 - Add pictures to Rolland and Myrtle Lohner Hatfield.
04/18/2011 - Add information on Mildred Juliet Waller [08611].
04/16/2011 - Information on Sam Ryan Hatfield in Indiana.
04/14/2011 - Add information on Charlotte Tragnitz death.
03/16/2011 - Add information on Erie Canal to Gilbert Clark.
03/15/2011 - Add Leslie Clark 1910 census information. Leslie Clark death information added.
03/14/2011 - Add information on Samuel Ryan Hatfield [00879] and Helena "Lena F" Wohltman [00934] Marriage.
03/10/2011 - Add information and map for Gilbert Clark descendants.
03/07/2011 - Add Anna Myrtle Lohner Ancestors tree.
03/01/2011 - Add information to Samuel Ryan Hatfield [00879] First marriage. Add maps to John P Hatfield [00880]. Add information to Clarence F Hatfield [00937]. Add marriage information to Harold Hatfield [00940]. Add death information to Maria Eickholt [00577].
02/14/2011 - Add information on Samuel Ryan Hatfield's [00879] First wife.
11/18/2010 - Link Jacob Hatfield [02915] and Catharine Franks [02916] family to Medina OH.
11/17/2010 - Add William Forest Hatfield [09225] and Add Arthur H. Hatfield [09226] 1901 map.
11/15/2010 - Add 1889 map showing properties of Andrew Jackson Hatfield [09207] and Isaiah Hatfield [09101] in Newark Twp., Gratiot Co., MI and add information from Michigan Supreme Court case about will of Isaiah Hatfield [09101].
11/14/2010 - Add footnotes to Jacob Hatfield, Jr [02919]. And descendants.
11/09/2010 - Update John Hatfield [00394] descendants Ohio connections.
11/08/2010 - Add Harvey Cem., Hardin Co., OH information to John Hatfield [00394] and Mary Ann/Ann M Harris/Hans/Haus? [00395] Line.
11/03/2010 - Rolland Francis Hatfield [00931] birth information. Clarence Frederick Hatfield [00937] changes. Myrta "Mertie" Sinclair [12668] changes.
10/31/2010 - Add 1889 map to John P Hatfield [00880].
10/30/2010 - Add Samuel Ryan Hatfield [00879] 1889 Map.
10/09/2010 - Add marriage information for Francis M Hatfield [00381] and Mary Jane "Polly" Harter [00382].
09/19/2010 - Links between people and transcripts.
09/16/2010 - Add Isaiah Willmon Crist [14629] to the Peter W Crist and Christiana Hatfield family Per James Snow.
09/13/2010 - Update links between people and transcripts.
09/04/2010 - Update links between people and transcripts.
08/26/2010 - Link names to OH transcripts.
08/17/2010 - Add Wilhelmina Christina "Myna" Hatfield For Cathy Hatfield.
08/15/2010 - Add links from trees to transcripts.
08/14/2010 - Add links from the trees to transcribed data For the Francis M Hatfield [00381] and Mary Jane "Polly" Harter [00382] line.
08/03/2010 - Add information to Genevieve Hatfield [00960]. Add image to Anna Myrtle Lohner [00929].
08/02/2010 - Add postcard with information on Rolland Francis Hatfield [00931], Samuel Ryan Hatfield [00879], Rolland Francis Hatfield, Jr.
07/30/2010 - Additional notes on Rolland "Bud" Francis Hatfield, Jr [00928].
07/28/2010 - Add pictures of Anne Clark [00932] and Genevieve Hatfield [00960]. Add detail information on Anna Myrtle Lohner [00929].
07/27/2010 - Add information on Jacob Hatfield [02915], Catharine Franks [02916], Isaiah Hatfield [09101], Polly Weidman [09185]. Add information on Jacob Hatfield, Jr [02919], Roxie Houghton [09203], Andrew Jackson Hatfield [09207], Julia Wydeman [09223].
07/26/2010 - Add Israel J. Hatfield [08812] grave stone.
07/24/2010 - Add Samuel Hatfield [00372] children and Footnotes. Add footnote to Elizabeth Hatfield [02584], George W Hites [02589], William Hatfield [02581]. Add Wm [14438] and Elizabeth [14439] Hatfield Family line of Defiance Ohio.
07/22/2010 - Add descendants to Sarah E. Hatfield [08814] And Francis Joseph "Joe" Eickholt [00953].
07/07/2010 - Hardin Co., Hist for Samuel Hatfield [00259]. Add 1818 Logan Co., OH Poll List to Stewart Hatfield [00482], John Stephenson [13517] and William Hatfield [00903].
07/05/2010 - Additions to Jonathan and Mary Hatfield Robinson family updates per Revae Leppanen. Henry Hatfield and Mary Rittenhouse information added. William Fletcher Hatfield footnotes. William Rittenhouse Hatfield footnotes. Mary Josephine Hatfield footnotes. John Hatfield [00452] footnotes. James Harvey Hatfield [12766] footnotes. Hugh Hatfield [12762] footnotes.
07/03/2010 - Add Charles Hatfield [00492] and Mary "Polly" LeMaster [00453] articles.
07/01/2010 - Add CW papers to Henry C Hatfield.
06/29/2010 - Add Clarence and Grace Hatfield [937&938] pic. Add picture of Sarah Ellen Hatfield [8814]. Update James D. Hatfield [2307] with article.
06/28/2010 - Add images to Jacob Hatfield [00574], Lydia Phebe Vanguilder Shooke [11858], Samuel Hatfield [00571], Arian [00572], and Isaac E. Hatfield [11899]. Add image to Burnetty Hatfield [00860] and And Hiram Duncan [14287]. Add Henry Hatfield and Mary Rittenhouse images.
06/26/2010 - Adding information on Francis M Hatfield line. Maggie Evlyn Pierson [12151] birth information. Add Mary Juanita Stricklin [12153] birth information. Add Van Buren and Sarah Hatfield McCray obits. Update Van Buren and Sarah Hatfield McCray from obits. More details on Francis M Hatfield line.
05/28/2010 - Update to Daniel Henry and Margaret York Hatfield per information from Debbie Boyer.
05/14/2010 - Add email address for Jean Collins.
04/14/2010 - Update Stewart Hatfield (1766) locations.
01/15/2010 - Add information on James Ernest Hatfield from information from Rachel Hughes.
12/29/2009 - Update Smith and Catherine Hatfields. Transcript information: Smith and Catherine Hatfields. Adjustments to Smith and Catherine Hatfields.
11/03/2009 - Update Abner and Suzannah Billings Hatfield.
10/29/2009 - Add Christiana to John Hatfield line of MD.
04/07/2009 - Add details on the two marriages of Elizabeth Hatfield to Phillips brothers based on information of Cathy Hatfield and Dann M. Norton. Merge the Ashel Phillps and Elizabeth Hatfield of Janet Gallager with this line.
03/20/2009 - Add information and people under the Elijah and Emaline Morgan Hatfield and Elijah and Nancy Render Hatfield lines from Barbara Backer.
03/16/2009 - Add some information under James Riley and Francis Marinda Smith Hatfield from Don C. Hatfield. This information is somewhat sketchy but it fits, for now.
09/09/2008 - Merge the Andrew and Sarah Margaret Chapman Hatfields of Julie Tucker from the More Miscellaneous list with the Charles and Mary LeMaster Hatfield line of Cindy Dietz, Cathy Hatfield, and Marjorie Downs Byers. Apply updates to this line from Cathy Hatfield.
07/12/2008 - Add information on the descendants of Maggie Evlyn Pierson for Greg Phillips.
07/10/2008 - Update information on Francis M and Mary J Hatfield and family per Dave Cox and others. Add information on Henry C Hatfield and family per Dave Cox. This information finally enabled me to connect Samuel Ryan Hatfield as a son to Francis M Hatfield of Logan, Allen, and Putnam Cos of OH.
06/15/2008 - Add information on Lucretia Hatfield who married Anderson Chapman (and their family) per Connie Washburn.
05/20/2008 - Add information on family and descendants of Martin Van Buren Hatfield per Dave Cox.
10/02/2007 - Correct information on Sarah Catherine Ferguson per Dan Culp.
09/10/2007 - Add information on Marjorie Ellsworth who married Albert Earl Hatfield and Mamie Walter who married Thomas Jackson Hatfield from Sandy Berry.
04/26/2007 - Add some information from Beth H. Green to the John Nelson and Jennie Chalnicia George Hatfield family.
02/23/2007 - Add a few potential marriages from Johnson Co., AR as notes to the Abraham H. and Sarah K Lawrence Hatfields of Calvin and Judy Ingram, Tim L Hatfield, Dan Hatfield, Stacy Nash, and Tena A. Burns.
02/22/2007 - Combine the lines of Calvin and Judy Ingram and Tena A Burns under the Daniel H. and Margaret York Hatfield line of Stacy Nash, Dan Hatfield and Tim L Hatfield.
02/11/2007 - Add some details from the 1860 Crawford Co., IN census to the Daniel H. and Margaret York Hatfield line.
02/02/2007 - Add some details from Tim Hatfield to the Daniel H. and Margaret York Hatfield line.
01/11/2007 - Add information on Jonah and Phoebe 'Phebe' Brewer Hatfield from Judy Johnston. Add information on Daniel A and Deborah Annie Hatfield Vaughan from Ralph Vaughan. Add information on James and Sallie Slathern Hatfield from Yvonne Sturgeon.
12/13/2006 - Added a smidge on Rafe and Polly Ann Goins Hatfield family for JE Zink. Also added William Nelson and Roberta Hatfield Ralls family for Janie Ralls.
10/31/2006 - Added the Samuel and Arianne Hatfield line to the Edward and Mary Lee Hatfields of Kent England per information from Raymond Hatfield.
10/28/2006 - S.R. Hatfield family additions from Karen Anway.
10/26/2006 - More "tweaking" and additions for John Koncher.
10/25/2006 - Add a short line with Walter Lee and Lela Faye Grist Hatfield for Roger K. Miller.
10/23/2006 - Change Sarah Hatfield who was married to Van Buren McCray from Sarah J. Hatfield to Sarah Ann Hatfield per information from John Koncher. Add more information to the Samuel and Arianne Hatfield line from Kevin R. McManaman, Sandy Gann, and Raymond Hatfield.
10/22/2006 - Add the Daniel H. and Margaret York Hatfield line of Dan Hatfield. This line includes the Samuel M. and Sarah Ann Fuller Hatfield line of Stacey Bradley.
10/21/2006 - Begin adding information on Samuel and Arianne Hatfield from Raymond Hatfield.
05/14/2002 - Add some information to Samuel Hatfield of Michigan from the death certificate of Samuel, courtesy of Diane Winship.
04/13/2002 - Add some information to the Dennis Stuart Hatfield family from Diane Winship.
03/08/2002 - Change e-mail address of Harriette Jensen.
03/24/2001 - Update information for and change e-mail address of Harriette Jensen.
12/26/2000 - Add a short line under Clayton and Anna Mackmer Hatfield for Jim Hatfield.
10/18/2000 - Change the e-mail address for Diane Korten.
09/27/2000 - Combine the Benjamin Hatfield line of Jean Hatfield with the line of Marvin Hatfield.
07/25/2000 - Change the e-mail address for Donald Pinkston.
06/23/2000 - Add information to the John Joseph Tarphy Hatfield line from a post by Earl Braswell to the Hatfield Forum.
02/27/2000 - Remove Sarah Jane Hatfield as a child of George and Elizabeth Hatfield Hites per Jill Punches. She was living with them on the 1850 census but is apparently the daughter of John and Sarah Hites Hatfield.
02/18/2000 - Begin adding much detail under the John and Mary Ann Harris Hatfield line of Maryland and then Hardin Co., OH for Greg Paridon.
02/17/2000 - Remove the obsolete e-mail address of Mark Scott.
02/08/2000 - Add Phyllis Hoyt and Greg Paridon as sources for John and Mary Ann Harris Hatfield of the Hardin Co. OH Hatfields.
01/11/2000 - Add Charles Hatfield and Annie L Glover as parents to Harry Otis Hatfield and his siblings for Karen and Jim Kiley.
01/10/2000 - Add Louisa Mariah Hatfield and James Masden and 11 children for Elizabeth Rivera.
10/19/1999 - More updates to the Jacob and Catharine Franks Hatfield line of Dianna Hatfield and Susan F. Lein.
10/17/1999 - Begin adding updates to the Jacob and Catharine Franks Hatfield line of Dianna Hatfield and Susan F. Lein.
09/05/1999 - Added a couple of notes to the line of Jacob and Catharine Hatfield from Dianna Hatfield.
09/04/1999 - Added significant information on line of Jacob and Catharine Hatfield from Dianna Hatfield. Repairing missing e-mail links.
07/12/1999 - Update information on Samuel and Arian/Ary Ann Hatfield for Sandy Gann.
07/09/1999 - Add a line from a William Hatfield on down for LaMar J. Anderson.
07/08/1999 - Add additional people under Benjamin and Delilah Hartter Hatfield for Marvin Hatfield.
06/03/1999 - Add supplemental links to the Samuel Ryan and Helena Waltman Hatfield line.
04/13/1999 - Add information to William and Rebecca Hatfield from Jolene Henderson.
03/01/1999 - Miscellaneous updates using census data.
02/28/1999 - Add some information under Edward and Anna Lee Hatfield.
02/27/1999 - Add some additional information under Francis M. and Mary Hatfield.
02/10/1999 - Activate the e-mail link for Jim Allred.
02/08/1999 - Add Robert T. and Maggie Wilson Hatfield as parents to the information on Jessie Hatfield for Rosemary Thomas. Add information on John W. Hatfield and descendants for Jim Allred.
02/06/1999 - Cosmetic changes to Samuel Ryan and Helena Wohltmann Hatfield and descendants.
01/18/1999 - Correct and add some details to Samuel Ryan and Helena Wohltmann Hatfield and descendants.
10/13/1998 - Moved Elisa and Catherine Dial and relations to the PA Hatfields.
09/07/1998 - Add information to the Thomas and Martha Adamson Hatfield line from Richard Shaw.
08/31/1998 - Change the reference for Jonas and descendants from E. Polk Johnson to W. H. Perrin and add Jean Suman to the contacts for Jonas.
08/27/1998 - Change the e-mail address for Diane Korten.
08/22/1998 - Add Jessie and Maime Hatfield family for Rosemary Thomas. Per Rose, these Hatfields are associated with Chatanooga TN.
08/14/1998 - Combined the Gerret and Eunice A. Hatfield Dyckman family of Andrew F. Dubler with the Garret and Eunice Ann Hatfield Dyckman family of Marcia & Ward Donahue under the Mathias list.
05/04/1998 - Corrected the e-mail link for Deborah Thomas.
02/02/1998 - Added John Hatfield and some descendants for Kate Davidheiser.
10/26/1997 - Added information on Jonas Hatfield of Wales to the ancestry of Nathan Hatfield for Jean Suman.
10/24/1997 - Added the Hatfields of Jean Suman from Nathan and Emily Roe Hatfield on down.
08/29/1997 - Added more names and details to the Nathan D. and Rachel Davis Hatfield line for Jeanne Hibler.
08/28/1997 - Added the Rolland Pollard Hatfields for Carolyn Ponds.
08/26/1997 - Combined Jacob and Sarah Utzler Hatfields of Allen Richmond and Connie Jones.
08/25/1997 - Added dates and locations under Jacob and Sarah Utzler Hatfield for Connie Jones.
08/21/1997 - Added additional names under Jacob and Sarah Utzler Hatfield for Connie Jones. Add birthdate to Abraham Lincoln Hatfield for Stacey Bradley.
08/20/1997 - Added Samuel M. Hatfield of Schuyler, IL line for Stacey Bradley. Added the Jacob and Sarah Utzler Hatfields for Connie Jones.
05/20/1997 - Moved Jean Suman's Hatfields to the Matthias line.
05/16/1997 - Change Sarah Amanda Perkins to Sarah Amanda Jones for Harriette Jensen and changed ? Core to John Core for Jean Suman.
05/08/1997 - Added Jean Suman's Elias and Samuel Hatfields. These probably belong with the Matthias line but I'm not certain, yet.
05/02/1997 - Added various marriage dates and locations.
04/18/1997 - Change the e-mail address for Allen Richmond.
04/16/1997 - Pending a better location, Jacob (b.1767) and son William were moved to this list. The Floyd Co., KY Hatfields were moved to the George Goff Hatfields from this list.
04/11/1997 - The Hatfields of L. Hall were removed from this list.

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