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The Webmaster's Pad

12/18/2010 - Change email address for Joseph Crone.
09/05/2010 - Update links between people and transcripts.
08/25/2010 - Link people to KY transcripts.
06/26/2010 - Add Adam Hatfield and Martha Kirkpatrick information. Add Joseph Hatfield grave marker information.
12/29/2009 - Separate John Hatfield from the Jurian Hartsvelder line.
03/16/2009 - Add some information under James Riley and Francis Marinda Smith Hatfield from Don C. Hatfield. This information is somewhat sketchy but it fits, for now.
06/18/2008 - Update some information on Lloyd Edward Hatfield under Lorenzo Dow Hatfield for Celia Bernice Hatfield.
06/15/2008 - Added some information per Lois A Jackson on Isaac and Elizabeth Moore Hatfield.
07/18/2007 - Added death date for Elizabeth Nall Hatfield per obit from Dixie Hatfield.
04/28/2007 - Added birth and death information to William Nash Hatfield per Joseph Crone.
03/31/2007 - Correct and add some information to the Edwin and Margaret Armstrong Hatfield family per Joe Crone.
02/23/2007 - Remove the Nathan and Elizabeth Betts Hatfields from this line.
01/23/2007 - Add a few children to the Marvin Dale and Mary Juanita McClaflin Hatfield family for Teresa M. Hatfield.
11/15/2006 - Both Andrew Hatfield, Jr - 1769 - Montgomery Co., VA and Andrew Lewis Hatfield - 1814 3 Sep can not have married Frances Pennell on the same date at the same location. I added notes to this effect.
10/25/2006 - Added and corrected some information in the Adam and Mary Williams Hatfield line from George Swann.
01/12/2002 - Update e-mail address of Carol Fender.
12/23/2000 - Add some information under King David and Mary Elizabeth Hart Hatfield from W. Dave Hommel.
09/21/2000 - Begin adding information under Charles William Hatfield from William Terrell Hatfield.
06/21/2000 - Add information under Adam and Elizabeth T. Miller Hatfield from Bev Julian.
05/15/2000 - Correct the e-mail address for Galen Hatfield.
05/08/2000 - Add some information under David Darby Hatfield from Sellards for Marilyn Tetrick.
02/17/2000 - Remove the obsolete e-mail address of Mark Scott.
02/14/2000 - Add some information from David Hatfield on down for Jenifer Kidwell.
01/13/1999 - Correcting merge errors.
01/12/1999 - Corrected merge errors.
01/11/1999 - Merged a large amount of data from Bev Julian. This merge resulted in a significant number of additional names on this tree. As with any update of this scope, there will be merge errors introduced which show up primarily as duplicated people. Please bear with me while I find and correct these errors. I you spot errors please let me know.
10/13/1998 - Moved Elisha and Catherine Dial and relations to the PA Hatfields from the Miscellaneous Hatfields. Add some information from Harry Sellards to fill-in.
09/12/1998 - Added some details from Harry Sellards, Jr. to the Isaac and Mary French Hatfields.
08/09/1998 - Added the Hatfields of Wanda Wright and some names from Harry Sellards, Jr. to fill-in.
10/26/1997 - Added a note to George Hatfield under Adam.
08/01/1997 - Added notes to Nathan Hatfield (b. 1770). I have seen references which list him under the Matthias and under the Pennsylvania lines. If you have primary documentation to clarify this discrepancy please let me know.
05/13/1997 - Added Rachel Clemons' Hatfields and some additional names to clarify that connection.
05/02/1997 - Added various marriage dates and locations.
04/19/1997 - Combine information on various duplicate people.

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