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The Webmaster's Pad

04/13/2011 - Add information to Thomas Fordham [05114] and Mary Ann Hatfield [05204] line from Peg Bissett.
03/06/2011 - Correct Andrew P Hatfield dates. Add Andrew P Hatfield obituary.
12/18/2010 - Change email address for Joseph Crone.
11/17/2010 - Add footnote to Samuel Ogden [14654].
11/16/2010 - Add footnote to Robert Ogden [14653].
08/16/2010 - Update links between people and transcripts.
07/04/2010 - Add information on Thomas Hatfield.
06/28/2010 - Add Peg Deucher-Bissett as source on Jacob Hatfield [04851] and Wilhelmena Eberhart [05216] line.
04/23/2010 - Add locations to Elias Hatfield (1806 PA).
01/17/2010 - Update Thomas S Fordham and Blanche Phillips. Update Thomas S Fordham and Blanche Phillips. Update Thomas Fordham and Mary Ann Hatfield.
04/11/2009 - Add information on Sovereign and Joanna Hatfield Sybrandt under Joseph and Phoebe Clark Hatfield from Marilyn Getty.
10/07/2007 - Add information on Samuel and Rebecca Vance Hatfield's daughter Lucinda and family from Mari Siemens.
08/17/2007 - Changed Eva Mae Hatfield to Eva Mae Kern per information from John L. Rymer.
04/27/2007 - A couple of additions under Elias and Ann Lindsay/Lindsey Hatfield from Joe Crone.
02/23/2007 - Move the Joseph William and Emily Ellen Pike Hatfields of Geraldine Rasmussen from the More Misc. Hatfields to the Matthias Hatfield based on DNA evidence.
10/21/2006 - Correct some details under Judson and Fanny W Hatfield Burwell for Debra Lynn Massey.
10/17/2000 - Added information on Thomas Hatfield and Matthias Hatfield from Ella Ann Hatfield and John Magie.
06/06/2000 - Added note about information on Bernard Hatfield and Katherine Woodhouse from Alex Allen Lear under Thomas Hatfield.
02/06/2000 - Change the e-mail address for Geoff Smith.
09/04/1999 - Repairing missing e-mail links.
07/12/1999 - Add some information and names under Abner Hatfield and Elizabeth Fordham for Cindy Hatfield-Witt.
08/14/1998 - Combined the Gerret and Eunice A. Hatfield Dyckman family of Andrew F. Dubler with the Garret and Eunice Ann Hatfield Dyckman family of Marcia & Ward Donahue under the Mathias list.
10/31/1997 - Made some corrections in the Hatfields for Jeff Hatfield.
10/30/1997 - Moved the Jacob Hatfield line of Jeff Hatfield to the Mathias line from the More Misc. Hatfields.
10/24/1997 - Moved the Hatfields of Jean Suman back to the miscellaneous Hatfields. New information found by Jean indicates that her Hatfields were descended from Nathan and Emily Roe Hatfield rather than Samuel and Nancy Vance Hatfield.
08/01/1997 - Added Nathan Hatfield (b. 1770) under William Hatfield. I have seen references which list him under the Matthias and under the Pennsylvania lines. If you have primary documentation to clarify this discrepancy please let me know.
07/30/1997 - Updated William and Anne Wright descendant information with additional material provided by Jean Suman.
05/20/1997 - Added the Hatfields of Jean Suman and Mel Hatfield under the William and Anne Wright Hatfield connection.
05/02/1997 - Added various marriage dates and locations.
04/16/1997 - David (b.1765) did have a son Jacob of Fayette Co., PA but not the one previously listed here. That Jacob (b.1767) and son William were moved to the Miscellaneous Hatfields from this list.

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