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12/09/2011 - Additions and chngs to Pike Co., KY Hatfields.
09/09/2011 - Add information on Cordell Hatfield and descendants.
09/08/2011 - Add Death Certificate for Ulysses Hatfield. Add grave information to Dixie Hatfield May. Add grave information to Basil Blaine May. Add grave information to Lydia Hatfield Smith. Add grave information to Hayse Smith.
08/19/2011 - Cross-reference Anderson Hatfield with census data.
08/17/2011 - Update Ransom R Hatfield descendants.
05/22/2011 - Add information to Noah Sims and Sarah Shugart Hatfield.
03/02/2011 - Add Lois Jean Hatfield [14706] and Siblings per Kirk Ross.
01/29/2011 - Changes to Floyd and Elias Hatfield families per Jack and Peggy Hatfield.
12/09/2010 - Add information to Asa Wilson.
12/06/2010 - Fixes to Madison Hatfield line.
09/22/2010 - Update George Hatfield [00657] and Susan Ellis [01372] Per information from Virginia Moore.
09/19/2010 - Links between people and transcripts.
09/03/2010 - Update links between people and transcripts.
08/25/2010 - Link people to KY transcripts.
08/24/2010 - Link people to KY transcripts.
08/23/2010 - Add images from Michael Hatfield.
08/22/2010 - Update Calvin and Elizabeth Williams Hatfields. Update Jeremiah Holloway Hatfield [01255] and. Elizabeth Rogers [01436] line.
08/21/2010 - Match individuals with transcripts.
08/15/2010 - Add links from trees to transcripts.
08/11/2010 - Change cemetery for Columbia Hatfield [06086] and John Lewis Farley [09056] per information from Jared Farley.
08/02/2010 - Add newspaper item to Emmanuel Willis Wilson Hatfield [00005].
07/19/2010 - Change email address for John H Hatfield, Jr.
07/18/2010 - Add William Hatfield [01585] and Nancy J ask [14406] descendants of Douglas, MO.
07/17/2010 - Elias "Good Lias" Hatfield [00015] Descendant additions. Add information on Ellison Hatfield [00014] line.
07/16/2010 - Updates to Ellison Hatfield line. Add images to Ellison Mounts. Add Tennyson Hatfield descendants.
07/15/2010 - Add newspaper articles to Valentine "Wall" Hatfield [00024], "Devil Anse" Hatfield [00001], Detroit W. "Troy" Hatfield [00010], and Elias M Hatfield [00011]. Add Newspaper articles on Johnson "Johnse" Hatfield [00003], William Anderson "Cap" Hatfield [00004], and Ellison "Cotton Top" Mounts [00017].
07/08/2010 - Add deed to George Hatfield, Jr [11371] and Abner Hatfield [10209].
07/03/2010 - Add George Holland information to Fanny Holland.
07/02/2010 - Add approx. locations to Moses [01394], Henry [01399], Sterling Hatfield [05391] and Sarah Davis [05390] graves.
06/28/2010 - Add images to Davis Wesley Hatfield [11476] And Nancy Jane Crabtree [11527].
06/26/2010 - Add death certificate for Lucinda E Hatfield.
06/23/2010 - Add Lucinda Eastland Hatfield burial information. Add Oddfellows Morganfield, KY Cemetery information.
06/11/2010 - Fix burial and marriage information for James B Miller.
06/08/2010 - Burial information on John and Nancy Hatfield McCoy line per Michael Hatfield.
06/05/2010 - More additions to Aaron and Nancy Hatfield Whitecotton line thanks to Michael Hatfield.
05/27/2010 - Additions to Aaron and Nancy Hatfield Whitecotton line thanks to Michael Hatfield.
04/17/2010 - Michael Hatfield. Update David Hatfield (b.1827) line with information from
04/11/2010 - Add locations to James Columbus Hatfield kids.
04/10/2010 - Update James Columbus and Sarah Price Hatfields And James Columbus and Martha Nichols Hatfields Per information from Michael Hatfield. Update King and Jane Lively Gallaher family from Information from Michael Hatfield. Update Samuel and Eugena Berry Hatfields from Information from Michael Hatfield. Update Ericus and Mary Snow Hatfield descendants Per information from Michael Hatfield.
04/07/2010 - Add note to Reuben Hatfield (1785): I believe he was son of Jeremiah and Fannie Holland Hatfield, not George and Susan Ellis Hatfield as frequently listed. Add note to James Hatfield (1790): I believe he was son of Jeremiah and Fannie Holland Hatfield, not George and Susan Ellis Hatfield as frequently listed.
04/04/2010 - Update Jeremiah and Elizabeth McPheters Hatfield. Update Ericus and Mary Snow Hatfield locations.
04/03/2010 - Update Joe and Virginia McDonald Hatfield and Joe Davis and Grace Ferrell Hatfield from information from Robert E. Lee Hatfield.
04/01/2010 - Add note to John F Hatfield about marriage to Kiziah J BOSHEARS in Scott County, TN. Update James and Lucretia Low Hatfield line - Per Tami Lawson Barrett, et al.
03/23/2010 - Add Andrew Toler and Eliza Bowles Hatfield - For Angie Osborne.
03/20/2010 - Update Mitchell Grueninger and family.
02/28/2010 - Disconnect Rachel Hatfield from Joel McDonald.
02/27/2010 - Add 1843 Campbell TN to Rachel Smith Hatfield.
02/02/2010 - James Hatfield and Sarah updates.
09/22/2008 - Begin adding information provided by Casey Joel Hindman on the Anne Lear Hatfield + James E "Jess" Dotson line.
09/09/2008 - Correct marriage date for Ericus and Mary "Polly" Snow Hatfield from a descendant's Bible thanks to Michael Hatfield.
07/25/2008 - Add details to the William Greenlee Hatfield descendants per Michael Hatfield.
07/12/2008 - Change the e-mail address for Carrie Henderson.
10/28/2007 - Add further details and descendants to the family of George and Mary Elender Bevins Hatfield from Pauline (Polly) Leboda.
09/10/2007 - Add information on the spouse and children of Lucinda Jane Hatfield from Keith Baker.
07/31/2007 - Make further adjustments to the Jeremiah and Elizabeth Alley Hatfield line per Michael Hatfield.
07/15/2007 - Make adjustments to the Jeremiah and Elizabeth Alley Hatfield line per Michael Hatfield.
02/20/2007 - Add further details and descendants to the family of George and Mary Elender Bevins Hatfield from Pauline (Polly) Leboda.
02/12/2007 - Add further descendants to the James and Lydia Bridget "Biddy" Hatfield Presley family from Helen Ray.
11/30/2006 - Add information on the family of Walter Craton Hatfield.
11/29/2006 - Change the death date for Nancy Emiline Sims for Michael Hatfield.
11/24/2006 - Add details for William G. and Nancy Emiline Sims Hatfield for Michael Hatfield. Change the e-mail address of John H. Hatfield, Jr.
11/04/2006 - Add some details under Ericus Hatfield's son William G. Hatfield for Michael Hatfield.
10/21/2006 - Added information under James and Easter Emaline Hatfield Johnson for Donna Johnson.
04/17/2002 - Add Martha Ellen Hatfield to William Riley and Dolly Brown Hatfield family per information from Kathy McKinney.
03/08/2002 - Add links to the Larkin Hatfield transcript from the Jeremiah and Elizabeth Alley Hatfield line.
03/06/2002 - Link the website of Gerald Lively from the Jeremiah and Elizabeth Alley Hatfield line. Adjust parents of Jeremiah, Jr. under the same line.
02/25/2002 - Add information from the Larkin B Hatfield manuscript to the information on Jeremiah Hatfield descendants of Morgan, TN.
02/19/2002 - Changing and adding information on Davis Hatfield and descendants with details from Mike Curtis.
01/12/2002 - Update e-mail address of Billy Carr.
08/27/2001 - Tentatively insert John and Martha Hatfield between Jeremiah and Samuel Hatfield of Floyd Co., KY. Add possible children of John and Martha.
05/20/2001 - Add dates and burial information to Frank and Mary Hatfield Howes from Charlotte Howes McNelly.
04/28/2001 - Corrections to information on Frank and Mary Hatfield Howes and addition of information on their sons from Charlotte Howes McNelly.
02/27/2001 - Add information about Albin and Virginia Larue McKee Hatfield from Rebecca Hatfield.
11/04/2000 - Add information under George Hatfield, Jr. from Auriane Ugalde.
10/10/2000 - Change the e-mail address for April Brown.
10/08/2000 - Add information to the Joseph and Nancy Summer Hatfield line from Harry Sellards, Jr.
10/07/2000 - Add April Brown's name and e-mail address and some additional details from April and Harry Sellards to the family of Caroline Wallace Hatfield.
09/21/2000 - Add some information Job Hatfield, a descendant of David and Elizabeth Hatfield Miller for Rebecca Graves.
07/22/2000 - Add some information on descendants of Joseph and Mary Heather Hatfield for Jackie Parker.
06/26/2000 - Add some information on George Hatfield and Rena Cook and Nancy Buchanan families for Judith Dent O'Connor. Add some information on Francis Marion and Melda Elizabeth Runyon Hatfield and related from Sellards for Letha Hatfield Allen.
06/24/2000 - Add some information on Vandora and Victoria Hatfield for Norma Spencer Teague.
06/21/2000 - Add some information on Cole and Mossie Caldwell Hatfield for Fran Caldwell.
06/20/2000 - Add the e-mail address of Richard Baskas.
06/19/2000 - Add a few people under Isaac and Phariba Hatfield Reed from Richard Baskas.
05/08/2000 - Correct some information for Moses Hatfield and Sarah Davis based on grave site information supplied by Norma Harris and add links to the supplemental information.
05/04/2000 - Connect America Hatfield to her parents.
03/31/2000 - Add the new e-mail address for James Orick.
02/27/2000 - Remove obsolete e-mail address for James Orick.
02/11/2000 - Make some adjustments to Nancy and Jane Hatfield under the Jeremiah and Rachel Vance Hatfield line per Freda Cannon.
01/24/2000 - Add some information to the James and Rhoda Atkins Hatfield line.
01/17/2000 - Add some supplemental information to Henry Drury Hatfield and family.
10/16/1999 - Add information to the George Hatfield line under Lynch Hatfield for Tom and Diana Mock.
09/15/1999 - Add some more information from Denise Sneed.
09/14/1999 - Add some information on the spouses and children of Elizabeth "Betty" Hatfield from Denise Sneed and Harry Sellards, Jr.
09/04/1999 - Repairing missing e-mail links.
08/26/1999 - Add Notes to Samuel Hatfield and Jeremiah Hatfield. It is quite probable that Samuel was NOT the son of Jeremiah but rather the son of John and Martha Hatfield. The records do not show a Jeremiah of the right age in Floyd Co., KY for a father. There is a Martha Hatfield in 1810 Floyd however and John may have died in 1807 in that area. I would appreciate additional information.
08/23/1999 - Add information on descendants of Sally Taylor Hatfield and Elias Dotson from Sellards for Mirhonda Page. Correct the marriage date for Myrtle Sue Hatfield and Basil McBain based on the marriage license information from Pat Petro.
08/18/1999 - Add information on descendants of Joseph Hatfield and Araminta Coon from Harry Sellards and activate Tom Fannin's e-mail link.
08/17/1999 - Add information on Columbia Hatfield and Lewis Farley from Harry Sellards and add Tom Fannin as an interested source.
06/09/1999 - Add a supplemental link under Emanuel Hatfield.
06/07/1999 - Add supplemental links under George, Joseph, and Ephraim Hatfield.
06/02/1999 - Change the supplemental link under "Johnse" Hatfield and "Devil Anse" Hatfield.
05/28/1999 - Change the e-mail addresses for Richard Dotson and Melissa Johnson.
03/03/1999 - Miscellaneous birth date and location updates using census data.
03/01/1999 - Miscellaneous updates using census data.
02/09/1999 - Add much information under Mordica Ale and Milly Richardson Hatfield for Rita Jones.
02/06/1999 - Add a note under Elizabeth "Deliz" Vance.
01/08/1999 - Correct the listing of the descendants of Joseph Hatfield, Mary Justice and Dorcas Chaney.
01/05/1999 - Add a large amount of information from Alvin Hatfield and Louise Chaney on down thanks to Billy D. Carr.
10/21/1998 - Add more details under Landon and Elsie Mae Jackson Hatfield from Cindy Caudill.
10/18/1998 - Add more details under Thompson and Elizabeth Cline Hatfield from Sellards.
10/16/1998 - Remove Harold Padgett's name from the contact list for John and Mary Craig Hatfield.
10/02/1998 - Add John Hatfield, son of Joseph Hatfield, son of Valentine Hatfield, son of Joseph Hatfield and Deliz Vance for Pat Dugan. Change the reference for John Hatfield from J.H.Hatfield to John H. Hatfield, Jr. and make a correction under John Dempsey Hatfield.
09/30/1998 - Add some information for John Hatfield (J.H.Hatfield).
09/26/1998 - Add some information for Jeanna Howell and Nancy Brower.
09/19/1998 - Add some descendant information under Smith and Arminta Stacy Hatfield. Add some information under Ulysses and Sarah "Sally" Varney Hatfield for Anita Blasius.
09/08/1998 - Changed the e-mail address for Marti Hatfield. Fix a couple of dates under Matilda Hatfield and add a couple of descendants under Lydia Octavia Hatfield for Lynne Sherrer.
09/06/1998 - Added information to the Nancy Hatfield and John McCoy line for Lois Card. Add Denise Sneed's name to Elizabeth Hatfield, Joseph Sipple and Joseph Simpkins.
09/03/1998 - Added Shirley Hatfield's e-mail address to Jasper Newton Hatfield and Elsie Bowles.
09/02/1998 - Added corrections under Basil Hatfield for Lynne Sherrer and activated the e-mail link of Tim Bradley.
08/22/1998 - Added a few names for Jerry Kevin Hatfield.
08/16/1998 - Added some names to the Samuel and Mary Franklin Hatfield descendants. Removed the death location from Hardy Hatfield for Stephanie Labert.
08/15/1998 - Entered corrections to the Samuel and Mary Franklin Hatfield descendants.
08/07/1998 - Add information on Hardy and Tandy Hatfield and the e-mail address of Stephanie Labert.
08/02/1998 - A couple of corrections to the information of Mark R. Hatfield.
08/01/1998 - Add additional information on the descendants of Lorenzo Dow and Sally Williams Hatfield for Mark R. Hatfield.
07/05/1998 - Add information on Joseph B. "Joe" Hatfield's descendants from Harry Sellards, Jr and Brenda Collins Dillon.
06/30/1998 - Add Pat Petro's e-mail address to selected members of the Elbert Hatfield line.
06/29/1998 - Add first level of descendants to Elbert Hatfield for Pat Petro.
06/25/1998 - Correct the e-mail address of Jerry Kevin Hatfield.
06/24/1998 - Begin adding James Ferrell Hatfield (brother to Anderson Dee Hatfield) and descendants.
05/27/1998 - Make changes to the Hiram Hatfield line for Marti Hatfield.
05/25/1998 - Add notes about the birth date descrepancy on Valentine "River Wall" Hatfield and Richard Thomas Hatfield. Correct the death date for Valentine Hatfield Jr. Activate the e-mail links for Mark R. Hatfield and Al Hatfield.
05/24/1998 - Add information on the John E. and Maggie Scott Hatfield line for Al Hatfield. Add information on Lorenzo Dow and Sally Williams Hatfield for Mark R. Hatfield.
05/22/1998 - Add more descendants of Tunis and Jennie Marie Hatfield Brunty for Cindy Knight.
05/20/1998 - Add some descendants of Tunis and Jennie Marie Hatfield Brunty.
05/15/1998 - Add two spouses and children of Alifair Hatfield for Melissa Johnson.
05/14/1998 - Disable the e-mail link for Tim Bradley. Add Melissa Johnson's name and address to Alifair Hatfield.
05/09/1998 - Activate the e-mail link of Jerry Kevin Hatfield.
05/07/1998 - Add the Hatfields of Jerry Kevin Hatfield.
05/02/1998 - Add more location and event data to Joseph and Rachel Smith Hatfield and Ephraim and Mary Smith Hatfield.
05/01/1998 - Added Myrtle Viola Hatfield information for Nancy Amster.
04/30/1998 - Added some supplemental information for "Devil Anse" and "Johnse" Hatfield.
04/23/1998 - Made some adjustments and added some notes to George, Joseph, and Ephraim Hatfield at the top of this list.
04/22/1998 - Removed the Goff from George's and George Jr.'s name. Made some adjustments under the William Anderson Hatfield offspring.
02/02/1998 - Moved the Hatfields of Scott Grueninger from Thomas W. Hatfield to Francis Marion "Hoad" Hatfield.
02/01/1998 - Added a spouse and first generation children to Dr. Elliot Rutherford Hatfield for W. Richard Shindle.
12/22/1997 - Changed the e-mail address for Rolland Hatfield.
10/31/1997 - Added some Hatfields under Valentine "Wall" and Nancy Jane Maynard Hatfield for Marie Jeffries with some fill-ins from Harry Sellards, Jr.
10/29/1997 - Added Lynch and Virginia Sarah Foley Hatfield for Rolland Hatfield and added some additional names to help clarify their connection.
10/27/1997 - Added William Riley and Dolly Brown Hatfield and William Anderson Hatfield for Janell Jasper and some additional names to help clarify that connection. I also added some dates and locations to the Hatfields of L. Hall.
10/26/1997 - Added a note under George Goff Hatfield Sr.
08/28/1997 - Added the John Westley Hatfields for Nellie King.
08/01/1997 - Added information on Laura Hatfield and Pleasant L. Owens under Christopher C. Hatfield from Brenda Lindsey.
07/24/1997 - Continued adding descendants of Nathan Hatfield of Claiborne and Hancock County, TN.
07/15/1997 - Activated Ken Hatfield's e-mail link. Added Chuck Hatfield's e-mail link to the Nathan Hatfield descendants of Claiborne and Hancock Counties of TN.
07/14/1997 - Added and corrected some information on Ken Hatfield's Nathan Hatfield descendants of Claiborne and Hancock Counties of TN.
07/06/1997 - Began adding information from Phil & Judy Tulloh on Tolbert Cecil Hatfield and relations.
06/07/1997 - Added the Hatfields of Steven Hoffman under Joseph Barrett and Annie Hatfield.
06/06/1997 - Change the e-mail address of Scott Grueninger.
06/05/1997 - Connected Annie Hatfield (the wife of Joseph Barrett Hatfield) to her parents Floyd and Polly Easter Staten Hatfield.
06/04/1997 - The Hatfield line of Scott Grueninger was added to this list from Leander and Hettie Hatfield on down.
05/08/1997 - The Hatfields of Marti Hatfield were added to this list and a few additional names were added to help clarify that connection.
05/03/1997 - Added various marriage dates and locations.
04/16/1997 - The Floyd Co., KY Hatfields were merged with this list.
04/11/1997 - The Hatfields of L. Hall were moved from the Miscellaneous Hatfields to this list and a few names were added to help clarify that connection.

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