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This is a combined list of Hatfield and allied names with birth information taken from the trees and Hatfield and allied names with location information taken from census, marriage and other source records. All the lines are in order by the first name, last name and dates. In this way, the list serves to show the information in somewhat of a chronological manner within each name. NEW FOR 2010: AN INDEX LIST IN ORDER BY LAST NAME IS AVAILABLE HERE AND AN INDEX LIST ORDERED BY SOUNDEX CODES IS AVAILABLE HERE.


These lines in the list can be identified by the fact that the surnames are in normal case (capitalized lower case) for proper names.

Each name that appears in any of the family trees will appear at least once among these names. Also, each name that appears among these names will appear at least once in the family trees.

Where available, each name may be followed by the individual's birth date and birth location. This information will be followed by an identification code in brackets. The first character of this code is alphabetic and indicates which family tree section, as listed on the introductory page, contains the corresponding name. The numeric portion of this code indicates the name's relative location in that family tree. This code also serves as a link to the name's location in the tree. By clicking on it, the corresponding tree will be loaded and the selected name will be positioned to the top of your screen after that loading process is completed. Using your 'back' function should return you to your location in the index list.

These codes are generated automatically as the tree pages are created and may change each time the trees are updated. Do not expect the same code to always stay with the same name.

The codes may be followed by links to contacts who have either supplied or expressed an interest in further information about the associated person.

If you find duplicate names on this index list it may mean any of a number of things:

  1. Names are intentionally duplicated for each contact listed for that name.
  2. Duplicate names with differing ID codes may be the same person connected to the corresponding trees in multiple ways.
  3. They may actually be different people who coincidentally have the same name.
  4. You may have actually found a new connection not discovered yet by those of us who use this list! Congratulations.


These lines in the list can be identified by the red numbers. The same red number will appear on each line which illustrates information about that same person.

These entries show additional information for selected people. For now this information includes available details about the subject's birth, marriages, number of children, death, and parents. The number of children is the number of children in the database and may be less than the actual number of children that the couple had. In those cases where the associated person also appears in the descendancy trees, the additional information line(s) will usually appear in close proximity to the line(s) linking them to the tree(s) - (see above).

Where locations and dates are available, additional lines have been inserted, corresponding to when and where their marriages occurred, their children were born, they died, or, simply, where they were at specific points in time. This information helps to show that person's movements over time.

In many cases, this additional information will be for people not shown in the trees, but rather, people allied with the Hatfield descendancy lines for other reasons, such as maternal ancestry. In those cases, there will be no linking connection available nearby.

In the future I hope to add more details to this additional information. Addition of this material has helped to highlight some errors and inconsitencies in the database. I am working on correcting these as time and finances permit (You did remember to donate, didn't you?). As always, use this information as a guide, not the final word in your research.


These lines in the list can be identified by the fact that the surnames are completely in upper case.

These entries are taken from census information, marriage records, and other source records. If a day and month are indicated it should be noted that the associated location may be from a record which does not imply residence but rather a short-term location such as where a marriage was performed or other transitory event. Also the information on these lists should not be used as the "final proof" of a person's location but, rather as a guide as to where to look for that proof. The "extract" lines include links which can be used to look at the information from the extract web page. By "clicking" on the number in brackets at the end of these lines you will be taken to the extract page. After that page has had a chance to load, the extract for the name that you have selected will be positioned to the top of your screen.

Notes on the data from the Social Security Death Index:

  1. The records included are those for Hatfields born in 1900 or earlier.
  2. The death index lists the state and zip code for the last known residence. For the sake of this index, these have been translated to a "best guess" of the county and state. Be aware that zip codes do not correlate exactly with counties so this guess may be off somewhat. Also, in some cases this last known residence may not be where the person died.
  3. The state abbreviation in the notes is the state where the Social Security number was issued, not the state of birth. "RR" is used to designate a railroad employee. Since the Social Security act passed in 1935 this location is probably where they were when they started working or when the system "caught up with them" and they filled out the card - whichever came last.
  4. I have not listed the Social Security numbers for these people. With all the abuses of Social Security numbers over the years I am a little squeamish about listing them on the Internet.

I am looking to add a little county history to the "extract" page. If you have knowledge of when various counties relevant to Hatfield research formed, changed and disappeared I would be very interested in hearing from you. I am also looking for information on what happened to the records when counties changed or disappeared. This would be of benefit to current day researchers when they hear those famous words "that county doesn't exist." Maybe we can save some of them from having to go through the pains all over again.

You can get to the extract page directly (bypassing the lists) at Hatfield Extract Records. Enjoy.

In order to keep this list as short as possible, identical lines have been eliminated. I have intentionally kept multiple entries in those cases where subtle variations in name spelling, dates, locations, notes, and sources exist. Asterisks, underscores, question marks, and hyphens are used to denote text which is somewhat obscured in the associated primary documentation.

In spite of the above, I apologize for the duplications on these lists. Elimination of duplicates is a very difficult task and in many cases, I do not have the source records available to verify the original data. I felt that it was better to keep the similar entries than to miss posting some valuable information. I am dealing with some of the descrepancies between the duplicated entries as time permits.

A couple of points to remember about censuses:

  1. Because of the way the names are recorded, female spouses will be listed under their married surnames.
  2. Many of the census takers were barely more literate and many were from different national origins than their subjects. Consequently, spelling errors in names are common and the names are frequently spelled phonetically using pronunciation rules from the census taker's home language.

I welcome your additions and corrections to this information. I am interested in listing those locations here where you have or have seen source documentation. The more we share this information the better it is for us all.


Because of its size, this master name list is separated into segments. Each segment begins with and is linked to by the highlighted line below.

If a name that you are interested in happens to be at the beginning or the end of a list segment be sure to also check the neighboring segment for that same name. The segments were created by arbitrarily splitting the master list solely based on file size and without regard for the names at the point of that split.

Although this list is very large, I have found it to be very useful in matching individuals with each other and with the source records concerning them.

I welcome your comments and suggestions.


My sincere thanks to Joe Crone for his major contributions to the marriages on these lists, to Bill Tufts for his information on Hatfield land grants in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia, Canada, to Leslie Collier for her major contribution of extracted census data, to Diane Korten and Bev Julian for major contributions of data of all types, and of course, to all the others who have so generously contributed.


(List Updated 05-05-2016)

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