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- in memory of my Springer Spaniel Niki - (Jun 12, 1986 - July 16, 2001) - an unwavering friend throughout her life - without her there is a huge hole in my heart

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An inaccurate but thought-provoking composite. Milky Way, Venus, and Mars photos by JPL/NASA; Moon and Saturn photos by Kopernik Astro Society; Earth artwork by Don Davis; and Jupiter artwork by Maralyn E. Vicary
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I have over 35 years of experience with computers.  Please feel free to e-mail me at the address below with your interests and questions about computers. I will attempt to answer all inquiries. If I can not answer your questions I have an extensive list of commercial and private contacts in the computer industry and am certain I can connect you with someone who can.

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I have a large research database of genealogical information on Hatfield and related names with a significant amount on the Hatfield-McCoy feud which I would like to enhance and share. Of special interest to me is a Samuel Ryan Hatfield who married Helena Wohltman and his brother Henry C. Hatfield. They were all living in Ohio in the the 1860's. The death certificate for Samuel Ryan Hatfield indicates that his father's name was S.R. Hatfield from VA, but it is attested to by Samuel Ryan's son Clarence who might have never known his grandfather. My current speculation is that Samuel and Henry C. Hatfield might have been fathered by Francis M. Hatfield (note the similiar family structures) allowing for a mistake in the middle initial of Samuel M. Hatfield under Francis.

Above, is the coat of arms of a supposed Hatfield which my father gave me back in the 1960s. If you know who the person was who was associated with this coat of arms, I would very much like to have further information on it and them. A description of the shield is "Ermine, on a chevron engrailed sable three cinquefoils or." The motto is simply "Pax."

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