Jacob Hatfield, Jr. [02919] and Family in Gratiot Co., MI

Excerpts from: GRATIOT COUNTY, MICHIGAN. Historical, Biographical, Statistical. Chronicling the events of the first Sixty Years of the County's Existence as the abode of white men; with County, Township, City and Village matters fully detailed, and with Miscellaneous Events of importance duly and suitably treated; by one who has been a resident of the County nearly half a Century. WILLARD D. TUCKER. 1913. PRESS OF SEEMANN & PETERS SAGINAW. MICH, Copyrighted by WILLARD D. TUCKER. 1913.

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In October 18, 1879, Andrew J, Hatfield's name appears in an early meeting of the Pioneer Society for Gratiot County meeting at the court house in Ithaca, "for the purpose of effecting a permanent organization of the pioneers of the county," as it is stated on

Pages 150, 151:  
The organization was christened "The Gratiot County Pioneer Society." A discussion arose as to who should be considered pioneers, participated in by Newell Leonard, WVm. L. Phillips, F. S. Kelly, N. Church and others, and then a committee composed of E. W. Kellogg, E. W. Smith and Laf. Sweatland was appointed to settle the matter and report. The committee recommended that all who were in the county previous to 1870 be eligible to membreship; also that all who came afterward should be honorary members. More discussion of the subject and then it was voted that "all reputable persons who have resided in the county ten years heretofore, or in future for said length of time may become members." A membership fee of ten cents was voted, also ten cents annual dues; ladies free. 


The following is a list of those recorded as present at this first meeting, together with the names added the next year-1880-at the meeting held at the fair grounds, Ithaca. The date of their arrival in Gratiot, and the township in which they first located, are also given. For convenience sake, for reference, the names are assorted by townships:

[a long partial list of names omitted]

Newark-Frederick Strouse, '54; Mrs. Sarah Strouse, '54; Samuel Lepley, '55; David F. Hawkins, '54; Mrs Coroline J. Hawkins, '54; Frederick S. Kelly, '54; Jas. Wood, '53; Inman N. Cowdrey, '56; John G. Kinney, '56; Andrew J. Hatfield, '62; John H. Jessup, '60; Thos. Cunningham, '54; Mrs. Hannah Cunningham, '54; Myron Wood, '53; Sylvester Wheeler, '54; Robert Reed, '54; Mrs. Juliette Miller, '55; Perry L. Beechler, '55; Mrs. Mary Cutter, '55; Ebenezer W. Kellogg, '55; Mrs. Adaline L. Kellogg, '55; Francis Kellogg, '55; Mrs. Janette Reed, '54; Wm. Strouse, '64; Ben. B. Parker, '54; John Parker, '54; C. Yound, '54; Giles T. Brown. '66; Sara L. Brown, '66; John Broadhead, '57; Mrs. E. Peck, '55; Mrs. Wm. Kinsel, '55; C. W. Kinney, '56; Olive Hunt, '55. 

Pages 222, 223:


Hatfield, Mrs. Julia Ann (Wideman), wife of A. J. Hatfield, at her home two miles south of St. Louis, in Arcada Township, March 26, 1913, aged 77 years. Esteemed residents of the county for 52 years.
Page 243:

Hatfield, Jacob, Oct. 28, 1870, aged 61.
Page 357:

    April, 1875:
Sup.-E. W. Kellogg; Clk.-Chas. L. Pratt; Treas.O. C. Bates; H. C.-D. F. Hawkins; J. P.-E. H. Stowe; vacancy, G. T. Brown; Supt. Sch.-G. T. Brown; Sch. Insp.-Dillis D. Hamilton; Dr. Com.-A. J. Hatfield.
    Jan. 4, '76, board appointed E. H. Stowe clerk vice Pratt, removed from the township.
    April, 1876: Sup.-E. W. Kellogg; Clk.-Samuel J. Thoenen; Treas.O. C. Bates; H. C.-D. F. Hawkins; J. P.-G. T. Brown; vacancy, O. C. Bates; Supt.Sch.-E. H. Stowe; Sch. Insp.-A. J. Hatfield; Dr. Com.Wmn. Wideman.

Page 374, 377:

Wideman, Mrs. Barbara, January 29, 1879, aged 86. Wife of Wm. Wideman and mother of Mrs. 'Philip Fritz and of Mrs. A. J. Hatfield, near St. Louis.
Page 935:

...So in August, 1883, the St. Louis Agricultural Society was organized, and a fair was held that year on grounds just outside of the village limits, on the south. The grounds had been established by the St. Louis Driving Park Association two years previously. The first officers of the new Agricultural Society, were as follows: President-D. R. Sullivan, of Pine River: Secretarv-J. 0. Hilton, St. Louis: Treasurer-Aaron Wessels. St. Louis. The first fair was successful, as also were others that followed, in a measure, but interest flagged, financial returns were inadequate as an attraction, and after three or four vears the association dissolved.
    In 1887 another organization took a start at the business, with the following as officers: President-A. J. Hatfield; Secretary- Hiram U. Woodin; Treasurer-Nathaniel White; Directors-N. S. Baldwin, T. T. Clark, H. B. Angell, F. C. Seymour, Hamp. Shank, John E. Brown, A. R. Garbutt...

Page 942:


    St. Louis was incorporated as a city in the spring of 1891. The territory was divided into four wards, and the first election was held April 7, 1891. Detailed results of the elections to the present time are here given, together with a list of the appointive officers, year by year.

    1892: Mayor-A. R. Wheeler; Clk.-Russell A. Moore; Treas.-A. S.  McIntyre; Ass'r-A. J. Hatfield; Sch. Insp.-Calvin P. Faunce.
    First ward: Ald.-P. C. Faunce; Const.-Wm. J. Swarthout.
    Second ward: Ald.-Cooley C. Green; Const.-Reuben King.
    Third ward: Ald. —M\elvin J. Claggett; Const.-Carlton Smith.
    Fourth ward: Ald.-John Burns; Const.-Isaac Laclear.
    Off. ap.: Atty.-T. W. Whitney; Mar.-Carlton Smith; St. Com.M. Franks; Sur.-S. S. Hastings; Eng. W. W.-John Kline; H. O.-Dr. G. W. Pettey.
    1893: Mayor-A. B. Darragh: Clk.-R. A. Moore; Treas.-A. S. McIntyre; Ass'r-A. J. Hatfield;  J. P.-John Shelt; Sch. Insp.-F. J. Fritz.
    First ward: Ald.-John C. Sias; Const.-Jacob M. Wilson.
    Second ward: Ald.-Chas. Morrow; Const.-J. C. Chappell.
    Third ward: Aid.-C. \V. Giddings; Const.-Carlton Smith.
    Fourth ward: Ald.-Jas. E. Bush; Const.-J. A. Clark.
    Off. ap.: Atty.-Geo. D. Reeves; Mar. and St. C.-Carlton Smith: Sur. -S. S. Hastings; Eng. W. W.-J. A. Clark; Ch. F. D.-J. T. Noble; H. O.-Dr. A. R. Wheeler.

Page 948:

Aaron R. Wheeler, 1891, '92. A. B. Darragh, 1893, '94. Aciel F. Wright, 1895. Chas. H. Crandall, 1896, '02. Parker Merrill, 1897, '98. Henry J. Tuger, 1899, '00. Geo. S. Aldrich, 1901, '03, '04. John Burns, 1905, '06, '07, '09. L. B. Alger, 1908. Elias C. Phillips, 1910. Chas. W. Giddings, 1911, '12. Frank D. Bacon, 1913.
Joseph F. Hofstetter, 1891. Russell A. Moore, 1892, '93, '94. Willis G. West, 1895, '96. John R. Wilson, 1897, '98. Chas. A. Throop, 1899,'00,'04,'05,'06.  Fred Newgrean, 1901, '02, '03. Frank Deline, 1907, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13.
Jas. A. Wheeler, 1891. A. S. McIntyre, 1892, '93. Henry J. Tuger, 1894, '95. Lewis A. Drury, 1896, '97. A. H. Lowry, 1898. Edward J. Hofstetter, 1899. Geo. W. Long, 1900, '01. Chas. A. Throop, 1902. Wm. L. Yost, 1903, '04, '10, '11. Hiram B. Giddings, 1905, '06, '08, '09, '12, '13.  Frank D. Bacon, 1907.
Stephen Ostrander, 1891. A. J. Hatfield, 1892, '93.  Jas. A. Templar, 1894, '95.

Page 1027:
Teachers in Early Days.
    From 1880 to 1890: Carrie Lyons, Emma Hatfield, Mae Smith, Miss Snow, Jennie Tibbitts, Hattie Caldwell, Ada Sanford, Helen Morse, Lottie Evans, Emma Holmes, Lottie Earle, Kata Hoadley, Mae Babcock, Mae Barnes, Lena Noyes, J. D. Snyder, Misses Brogan, Satterlee, Hall, Cornell, Chase, Freeman, Hattie Germain, Emma Wilkinson, Jessie Howell, Mattie Owen, Eva La Bonte, Lydia Terwilliger, Fannie Sanford, Fannie Hastings, Nettie Salsbury, Mary Montgomery, Eva Daglish, Effie Shepard, Jennie Nelson, Maggie Donaldson, Mis. Jennie Weller, David G. Keyes, Dell Tichenor, Sarah Converse, Lulu M. Taylor, Mary Van Auken, Minnie Templar, Grace Dow, Alice Marks, Mrs. E. Fritz, Martha Hill, Mrs. R. Bendit, Jennie M. Johnson, Miss Tichenor, A. D. Kennedy, Miss R. J. Lockwood, Kittie M. Simmons, Estella Whitmore, Miss Mattison, W. A. Weeks, Lina Fleming, Myra E. Staples, Alberta Stevenson, Miss Kuies, Rachel Cook, Viola M. Buell, Jolie B. Smith, Mary A. Walch.

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