Samuel Ryan Hatfield [00879] and Helena "Lena F" Wohltman [00934] in Indiana

It's difficult to say exactly when Sam and Lena arrived or where they were living in Indiana with their two boys, Rolland F. and Clarence F.  However, the 1900 federal census lists them in West Point Township of White County.  They were renting the property which they were farming at that time, so there may not be any official documents available for confirmation.  However, on the same page of the 1900 census there are also possible neighbors listed by the names of  Robert and Lavina Irion and William E. and Mary Van Voorst.  These two couples are listed as owning their land.  An 1896 plat map for West Point Township shows the properties of these two couples.  William E. and Mary Van Voorst own 200 acres along the eastern central edge of West Point Township in sections 15 and 22 (N40 41.407' W86 58.148') and Robert and Lavina Irion own 320 acres just west of that, in section 16 (N40 42.098' W86 59.260').  Although the actual route of the census taker is not known and it is not certain that these are even the same locations where they were in 1900, it still seems likely that Sam and Lena were living in that area.

Family stories say that Sam and Lena remained in Indiana at least until their oldest son, Rolland, was old enough to go to Chicago, Illinois on his own.  That would have been about 1907.  At that point Sam and Lena went to the Coffee County area of Tennessee to farm.

A 1998 map of the White County area of Indiana. This map is overlaid with the boundaries of that county and its various townships. The township of West Point is highlighted.

Here we can see the eastern portion of West Point Township of White County Indiana on a 1998 map. Sections 15, 16, 21, and 22 are highlighted. The 1896 locations of the properties of Robert and Lavina Irion and William E. and Mary Van Voorst are indicated.

Portion of an 1896 plat map of White County Indiana showing sections 15, 16, 21, and 22 of West Point Township.

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